Inspiration Point

Vapour to Paper

Glen McQuirk

The enemy of a great idea is a good one.

How often have you found yourself awake at night working through an exciting idea? Perhaps spending countless hours on something that never even made it to paper; an idea that never saw the light of day. One of the biggest and most powerful distractions is a good idea, it robs you from spending your energy on the great ideas. Often when you have a great idea, the good ideas and other distractions begin to come in like a flood. Sometimes, it is as if all hell breaks loose and comes to invade your mind with every conceivable distraction imaginable to keep you from doing the right thing. Thoughts of ‘it will never work’, or ‘how will I be able to make money doing this’, are perhaps the hint that you are onto something. Write all your ideas down on paper or they will behave as vapor blown easily by any and all winds of distraction. If it’s not on paper it’s vapour.

What causes you to talk yourself out of taking action?