Inspiration Point

Break Out

Glen McQuirk

Break out leads to out the box living.

It’s time to move beyond the barrier and break out of our box, leaving it behind to explore a new world of opportunity. Being stuck in the barrier, a place of constant struggle, where the weaknesses of our character and the circumstances of life distract us, is foolish. The barrier is a place to move through not to camp in. Its a place that can keep us very busy making no progress. Break out infers that we let go of the comfort zone and move through and beyond the safety of the barrier that defines ‘in-the-box’ living, so that we can begin to have a new and exciting perspective of the unlimited opportunities that lie before us. Break out happens when we turn from our wicked ways refusing to retreat back into limiting behaviors and stepping into a new life, the one we were born to live. Strengthen your character, its your legacy.

What causes you to retreat back to your old limiting ways?