Inspiration Point

Hear Faithfully

Glen McQuirk

Faith comes from hearing; so does fear.

Faith and fear are strengthened by belief. What we believe is the result of what we have been thinking about which is fed by what we listen to. The more we think about something, the more we tend to hear related information. It appears that our dominant thoughts influence what we hear. Two people can listen to the same information but get completely different messages. The negative thinker seems to extract facts that support why something cannot be done (fear), while a positive person uncovers the truth that confirms why something can be done (faith). If the same information is able to produce two opposing results, then we can change what we hear by changing the focus of our thoughts. If negative information fuels fear and positive input strengthens our faith, then we should choose wisely what we listen to.

Who or what builds your faith, resulting in positive actions?