Inspiration Point

Passionate Purpose

Glen McQuirk

Purpose ignites the passion that produces power.

Consider these four MAP’s. When I align My Action Plan with the Masters Action Plan I am in My Anointed Purpose and can experience His Miraculous Abundant Provision in my life. A sense of purpose ignites life within, empowering you to overcome insurmountable obstacles, to meet the unstoppable force of impossibility with the immovable object of your focus. Its people that live life with a purpose, passion and a plan backed with the doubtless perseverance faith demands, that change the world. You have within you an explosive force of passion waiting to be ignited by the discovery of personal purpose. Ask, seek and knock in environments that you have avoided and you will begin to see doors open that will lead you to find what you have been looking for. All that then remains is for you to receive the provision in whatever form it is presented.

What environments could hold what you are looking for?