Inspiration Point

Choice Listening

Glen McQuirk

What we listen to is what we hear.

One of the greatest barriers lying between reality and our dreams is the input we chose to listen to. The global media has extended its influence so effectively that entire nations are thinking about the same negative issues. If you don’t hear it on the radio or see it on television, you can read about it in the newspaper or discuss it during your coffee break at work. Breaking news appeals to our curiosity, but is designed to break us down not build us up. It evokes fear, anger, sadness, shock, disappointment, or some other unhealthy emotion. Soon we find ourselves in a downward spiral of depression with a very pessimistic view of the future. We become expert procrastinators. Change what you listen to and you will change your future. Seek out positive input. Make it your daily quest.

What can you do to ensure daily positive input?