Inspiration Point

Strategy – Environment

Glen McQuirk

An objective often marks the point at which change may happen and further preparation is required.

Often your objective is that defined point that you can clearly see on route towards that which you cannot. It marks the different routes you need to take on the journey from where you are to where you want to be. Objectives can also be those places where you need to replenish your supplies and refuel or even change vehicles. In a typical car journey, you may need to stop every 2 hours to ensure the driver remains alert, every 600 km’s to refuel and every 10,000 km to service your vehicle. These requirements would be different for every driver and possibly every vehicle type. In the same way, you need to pace yourself towards the fulfilment of your vision. Know your own needs and limitations and space your objectives appropriately. You don’t want to have an accident, run out of fuel or break down.

What is your next BIG objective? Should you have one?