Inspiration Point

MBA your dream

MBA = My Big Advantage
Glen A. McQuirk

People without a dream are directionless. They drift from one place to another, moving in seemingly never ending circles of frustration and despair. Every day they hope for things to change not realizing that everything will change when they do. The answer is to have a dream. Perhaps they believe that dreams are for children and that adults need to be realistic. They look around and see everyone doing things they dislike and simply join them. Soon they too become part of the rat race and assume the answer lies in winning the race. What they fail to recognize, is that even if they win, they are still a rat. Maybe its your time to get out the rat race. Your biggest advantage on this planet is your dream. I like to call it an MBA; My Big Advantage. It will strip the socks off any university MBA; that I can assure you.

What is your MBA?