Inspiration Point

You are Unlimited

Your purpose does not limit you but rather releases you to enjoy fulfillment in everything you do. 

Albert Einstein said; “Where our gifts and talents and the needs of society intersect, there in lies our vocation.” What he was describing is purpose. Purpose is always the result of a need that is to be met. The need precedes the purpose that precedes the plan, which comes before the creation of a thing. Many people confuse purpose and position. Purpose has got to do with meaning or the reason you do what you do while position has more to do with mission (what you do). There will always be numerous ways in which you can meet a need, but the reason for meeting the need will always be constant. Purpose is simply the golden thread that links all moments of fulfillment you have enjoyed or experienced in your life, to this point. Identify your golden thread and be released to enjoy fulfillment your whole life long.

What is your golden thread?