Inspiration Point

Where am I going?

Glen McQuirk

Two words that sum up the majority of people’s lives; “Directionless Existence.”

Do you know what you want out of life? Do you know where you are going? Do you have a dream that you are actively pursuing? Do you know that you have permission to dream? You can have ideas of your own. In fact, until you do, you will always be working very hard at making other peoples dreams come true. Imagine if you could really have whatever you dreamed? Imagine if your dreams could come true. I am not talking about having a dream home, a fancy car or a model family. I am talking about the dreams that will make a global difference, the ones that scare you. The ones that are so big that you could never do it on your own. The ones that will take more than a lifetime to fulfil. What could you accomplish? What would you attempt and what would you do if money, time and ability were not a constraint?

What is the biggest dream you have ever had? What are you doing about it?