Inspiration Point

Celebrate your dream

A celebrated dream is an energized dream.
Glen A. McQuirk

Most things are celebrated at commencement. A new business, the birth of a baby, the wedding signifying the start of a marriage, first day of school, etc. All of these are celebrations of the start of the fulfillment of a dream. The greater the importance and potential result, the greater the celebration. Your dream is necessary. The fact that you had the ability to come up with the idea in the first place implies that you have what it takes to lead it to its fulfillment. I said lead, as you only need to concern yourself with the reasons, the shatterproof technology, others can contribute to the how portions. The mundane day to day actions that need to be taken to realize the dream. But a dream without a leader is a dead dream. Give your dream the kick start it needs. Celebrate its start in a way that signifies its end.

What would be an appropriate celebration for the start of your dream?