Inspiration Point

Ignite your dream

Fan the flames of passion into a fire of desire.
Glen A. McQuirk

Your dream will always be born out of passion. There will be something in your dream that you are passionate about. Something that gives it meaning, that resonates with your life purpose. Some dreams might be solutions to problems, others might meet a need. Some perhaps are emotionally driven or address fear. But all will have a link to a particular state that ignites passion and excitement in your heart. Something that will energize you adequately to persist through trials and tribulation in order to see it become a reality. These very trials and tests you face will strengthen your resolve to protect your dream. Just like the membrane appears as an obstacle to the sperm when it arrives to fertilize the egg it is also the very thing that protects the egg from the second sperm and the other 6 million on their way.

You were the winning sperm, what is the next race you were born to win?