Inspiration Point

Team United

Unity is demonstrated by a team’s ability to stand together in victory and defeat. Glen A. McQuirk

It’s easy to be excited or to display excellent team spirit after a victory. The real test of a team is how it responds after defeat. It is at this time that true team spirit is revealed. Poor team players will often begin the blame game. They immediately try and pin the reason for defeat on one of the team members. Clearly a team, by definition, cannot do this, as the responsibility for victory lies with the ability of the team to work as a unit. My grandfather used to plough the fields with a team of oxen. They only qualified as a team when they were able to work together for the full duration of the job. A weak ox or even a strong one that would not pull in the same direction as the others was quickly replaced with a new trainee. The ability of the team to work in unison was always more important than the individual strength of each ox.

How does your team demonstrate its unity? Are they pulling together?