Inspiration Point

 Resource your dream

Your dream requires you to be a loving host, not an omnipotent resource.
Glen A. McQuirk

For your dream to become a reality, it just needs you to be a loving host, giving care, nurture, support, protection and sustenance, just what it needs to grow and mature. If you are an excellent host, you need not be a resource at all. Just keep talking the dream and showing it to others, the resources will reveal themselves. They will seem to be attracted to you. They will show up in the most unexpected places. It is unlikely that a dream for your personal benefit or gratification will attract appropriate resources. Only dreams that are for the benefit of others attract others. This is why some people seem to achieve so little in life while others achieve so much. It is all a reflection of the focus of their dreams. The majority of people have dreams to elevate their own status within society; few have dreams to elevate society itself.

How will your dream contribute to a better life for all?